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What People are Saying?

Greg Reid

“Successful people seek counsel where failures listen to opinion. When I found TCA, I thought to myself, they finally did it. This organization literally helps separate you from the 95% who just dream of success to the top 5% who make it come to life. TCA, you did it!”

Pastor Jesse Sullivan

“One of the things that we needed when we were buying property is a great partner in property development that’s where TCA stepped in”.

Crystal Minardi

“Meeting Chris Aguilar and reading his book Just Maximize has already directly impacted my life, the principles, and concepts he shares
are so valuable because you can take these and immediately implement them into your business and life and see results. With TCA's advice I was able to sell an investment property during a time when the market was telling me the complete opposite. His concepts aren't theoretical there are real principles that you can use with real properties. What has taken me years to learn, and thousands of dollars later TCA has already perfectly laid out”.

Just MaXimize: How to

Become a Millionaire Without Working Weekends

Just MaXimize: Maps out the tools that will empower, equip, and educate you, providing the secret rules and principles of generational wealth used by the top 1% of the wealthiest people in the world. After reading this book, you will be able to:

  • Establish the transformative mental posture of a millionaire.

  • Construct a working template for building generational wealth in your family line.

  • Alter your relationship with finances, breaking off the limitations of a poverty mindset.

  • Develop the skill set possessed by the world’s most influential visionaries – men and women who activate the foundations of faith by seeing things that are not as though they are.

TCA Recognized By Experts

Dr. Lisa Dunne

Dr. Lisa Dunne brings 20 years of classroom experience, 10 years of academic leadership, and 10 years of nonprofit leadership to the table. She is the founder of CVCU, the first mentor-based university system of the modern era, and has initiated more than 20 Kindergarten to College education models across the nation.

Holding a Ph.D. in human development from Fielding Graduate University, a Master’s degree in communication studies from Regent University, and another Master’s degree in human and organizational systems from Fielding Graduate University, Dr. Dunne embodies the virtues of lifelong learning. She also has undergraduate degrees and minors in humanities, secondary education, and musical theater from Thomas Edison State College and Miami-Dade College.

Dr Lisa Dunne, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and President of Chula Vista Christian University.

“As an educator for 25 years, I recognize brilliance when I see it. The TCA curriculum is the embodiment of Chris Aguilar’s teaching gift: His insights are codified in every chapter, his humility is expressed in every personal testimonial, and his generosity is poured out through his willingness to share this wealth of wisdom through his three-pillared program. While other financial geniuses charge exorbitant rates for their input, Chris has a vision for reaching the larger population with the news of physical health and financial freedom. I could not be more proud of him. If you’re ready to step into territory that will forever transform your focus and your future, I highly recommend Chris Aguilar and TCA.”


For over 25 years, Dr. Greg Reid has inspired millions to realize their full potential. Recognized by government leaders, a foreign Princess, and luminaries in education, business, and industry, he has been published in over 150 books, including 38 bestsellers in 45 languages. Some of his notable titles include Stickability:
The Power of Perseverance, The Millionaire Mentor, and Three Feet from Gold: Turn Your Obstacles into Opportunities.

Greg is also the founder of Secret Knock, a Forbes and Inc. Magazine top-rated event focused on partnership, networking, and business development. In addition, he is the producer of the Oscar-qualified film, Wish Man, and has been honored by the White House for his contributions to youth mentorship.

Dr. Greg Reid, Award-Winning Author, Keynote Speaker, and Film Producer

“Successful people seek counsel where failures listen to opinion. When I found TCA, I thought to myself, they finally did it. This organization literally helps separate you from the 95% who just dream of success to the top 5% who make it come to life. TCA, you did it!”

Client Reviews

Lino Maldonado

A few months ago, I attended a conference and heard Chris Aguilar speak the founder of TCA himself. TCA has phenomenal speakers, Real Estate, expert coaches, and business teachers. One of the things that stood out to me is a principle of delayed gratification that night impacted me so much I don’t think I ever forget it when Chris spoke about how him and his family do not purchase things or toys if it’s not with money produced by their investments. TCA is always available when I need help and have always followed up in a timely manner. Their membership is amazing! It includes so much for someone trying to build a business and invest in real estate. To top it of they also include a fitness coach.

Crystal Minardi

As soon as you get a chance join TCA's subscription network. As a real estate broker and investor with a portfolio of over 80 properties what has taken me years to learn through trial and error and tens of thousands of dollars later, Chris has taught in his courses plus so much more. Now Chris' book guys! Is not only an inspirational, personal development and personal finance book, but is also a beautifully integrated guide to real estate investing. He lays out a detailed framework of how to properly structure and scale your businesses to the next level and beyond. Never have I read anything that completely maps out the secrets no one wants to share that I can immediately implement into our businesses. If you are serious about creating generational wealth and building a legacy join TCA as soon as possible! This is definitely one of the most timeless, invaluable Subscriptions you will have ever bought.

Trenten Merrill

My name is Trenten Merrill, a two-time Paralympic long jumper, and I've had the pleasure of being mentored by Chris Aguilar. I first heard him speak at a Pathfinders conference after meeting him at Awaken Church. Chris's insights on delayed gratification completely shifted my perspective. His advice is simple yet powerful: invest in assets to eventually acquire the 'toys' you desire. Not only has Chris enlightened me in the realm of personal finance, but he's also been invaluable in optimizing my real estate investments. His courses cover three essential pillars: real estate, business, and fitness. And I couldn't agree more on the importance of being fit to fully enjoy the benefits of a thriving business and profitable real estate investments. I highly recommend Chris and his courses at TCA for anyone looking to ma

Client Reviews